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The Revue économique is a peer-reviewed academic journal published six times per year. It covers formal economics and other social sciences including history and sociology of relevance for economics. Articles are in French or English. More

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Revue économique
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David Margolis – CNRS / PSE

Editorial Board

  • Clément Carbonnier – Université Paris 8 Vincennes – Saint-Denis / LED
  • Loïc Charles – INED / Histoire et populations & U. Paris 8 Vincennes-Saint-Denis
  • Gabriel Desgranges – Université de Cergy-Pontoise / THEMA
  • Catherine Doz – Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne / PSE
  • Isis Durrmeyer – Toulouse School of Economics & CEPR
  • Thierry Kamionka – CNRS / CREST
  • Mathieu Lefèbvre – Aix-Marseille Université / AMSE
  • Sandra Poncet – Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne / PSE
  • Thepthida Sopraseuth – Cergy Paris Université / THEMA
  • Laurent Weill – Université de Strasbourg / LaRGE

Scientific Council: see “Conseil scientifique”


Esther Cazin



Article submissions (short or long articles, or contributions to special issues) to the Revue économique are to be made online via the following site:

(see below the elements to prepare)

(The Revue stopped accepting submissions by e-mail on 1 February 2023.)
Authors who submitted their article prior to 1 February 2023 should continue to send all revisions by e-mail. 

Articles can be submitted at any time during the year.
All the articles are anonymously evaluated by two different external experts outside the Editorial Board, most of them being academics.
An article that has been refused by Revue économique without proposal to re-submit won’t be evaluated again.
The Revue does not publish book reviews.

Author Ethics:
All submitted must not have been previously published elsewhere. They may not be simultaneously submitted to another journal, not even in another language. They must respect the following ethical principles: originality, transparency, scientific relevance, correctness (relative to plagiarism, self-plagiarism, appropriation, conflicts of interest, defamation).

Editorial Principles of the Revue économique:
The articles published by the Revue économique, a generalist journal, can cover all the domains of theoretical and empirical research in economics, with an openness to other social sciences susceptible to enrich the ideas and methods of economic analysis.
The Revue prioritizes publication of high quality, original scientific content that distinguishes itself in the scientific literature and makes important contributions to all fields of economics. Published articles are known for the rigor of their analyses, use of data and methodology, and present their research questions and reasoning clearly.

Fees: None. Submission, as publication of accepted articles, is free of charge.

Processing Times:
The editorial board has implemented a policy that allows us to “desk reject” submissions so that authors can more rapidly reorient their submissions to another outlet. The average response time for a desk reject is ten days.
In all other cases, articles are anonymously reviewed by one (short papers) or two (long papers) outside referees. The average time to first response time was 5 months in 2018. The desk rejection rate was 87% in 2018.

French-speaking authors’ articles can be evaluated in English, but in the case of acceptance, they will have to translate their article to French for publication. Articles are published (both print and online) in English only if one of the authors doesn’t speak French.
There is a possibility of publishing an additional online English version of each article, but additional costs are payed by the authors (editing, html version, online upload).

Submissions of Short Articles:
We accept short theoretical or empirical articles (about 10 pages maximum, or 30,000 characters – including spaces). They can concern all domains of economic analysis and all kinds of works: summaries of empirical studies, presentations of on-going research, economic policy discussions, responses to articles, current debates about economic theory…
The Editorial Board have these articles evaluated quickly for them to loose none of their topicality.

Elements to Prepare in Order to Submit an Article Online:

  • 1. Title of manuscript
  • 2. E-mails adresses of all authors
  • 3. 150 word abstract
  • 4. Five keywords
  • 5. The anonymized manuscript (PDF or Word file):
    • Does not contain any means of identifying the author: name, institution, professional address, thanks…
    • This information cannot appear anywhere, not 1/ in the name of the file, 2 / in the content of the file, 3/ in the metadata (verify the document properties).
  • 6. A title page file that includes: title, names of authors, affiliations, professional addresses, thanks, etc. and, if needed, copies of authorizations to reproduce copyrighted material (including images).
  • 7. Any additional appendices, also anonymized, in .pdf, .docx, .doc, .xlsx, .xls, .pptx, .ppt, .jpg or .png.
  • 8. Have verified with all coauthors that they accept the following language condition: In the case that all authors are French speaking and if the article is submitted in English, the authors commit to translate the article into French if it is accepted after evaluation.
  • 9. Have verified with all coauthors that they accept to sign the Publishing Agreement in case of acceptance (see below: Posting and dissemination policy).

Submitting authors can also add:

  • 10. Letter to the editor
  • 11. JEL codes

(Note: Once accepted, all articles will have to provide, in French and English: the title of the article, the abstract and the keywords.)


Submission of a Special Issue: To send before May 15th, each year, at our email, with a presentation of the project, the names of the coordinators, and the description of the associated event (if relevant). Accepted proposals are notified in July.


Posting and Dissemination Policy
The posting and dissemination policy for articles accepted by the Revue Economique (and their translated versions) is as follows.
Authors are required to sign a contract with the publisher, Presses de Sciences Po. Given the financial instability of the whole social science and humanities publishing sector:
– The original version of the submission (pre-print) can be disseminated.
– The new versions created once the review process has started, as well as the final accepted version (= post-print: before editing and formatting), can be disseminated only one year after publication.
The Presses de Sciences Po releases the edited version free online after one year of restricted access.
The posting of the edited version in online archives is not allowed.

See the contract


List of accepted articles, to be published




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at Presses de Sciences Po


Issues from 1950 to today: Jstor (Jstor subscription needed. Issues directly accessible after publication).
All articles on Cairn since 2003 (with English titles and abstracts). (Cairn subscription needed for the articles of the last  year. Before, the articles are free.).

List of the articles originally written in English published by the journal.

Issues from 1950 to 2002 are free on Persée.